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Martina Eddone

Visual and Information Designer
Self-portrait, probably 1998. Marker on paper. 

Martina Eddone is an Italian visual designer who holds a master’s degree in Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven.
Next to her work as a graphic and UX/UI designer, Eddone carries out a research aimed at creating – in collaboration with other professional figures – tools and spaces to facilitate social cohesion and collective reflection on living together.

She interprets information design as a tool to facilitate the dissemination of and access to knowledge, with the final aim to make the audience question the way they perceive the world around them and themselves in relation to it. The latest steps of her research led to a reflection on ecosystem representation, and specifically, on how to turn the making of an ecosystem representation into a participatory process that activates unconventional interactions among people and between people and places.

Exhibition related to Full Voids:

Dec 2021-Jan 2022: Baltan Laboratories exhibition in conclusion of the Social Design Residency “Occupy Baltan” – Eindhoven

Oct 2021: DAE Graduation Show during Dutch Design Week – Eindhoven

Art Residencies related to Full Voids:

Feb-Mar 2022: Art Resicency program Empowering Tools at HIAP, in collaboration with educator Margherita Via – Helsinki

Sep-Dec 2021: Social Design Residency program at Baltan Laboratories – Eindhoven

Nominations for Full Voids:

2021: Nomination for the Social Design Talent Award of the city of Eindhoven

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Content and design by Martina Eddone.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.